BookBook was one of the first product lines released by Twelve South in 2010 and has quickly gained a following who appreciate the “vintage yet modern” aesthetic of this one-of-a-kind case. After leading product development for this line for five years and moving over primarily to creative, I felt a need to step back and revisit this iconic line from a new point of view.
BookBook is inherently a vintage, familiar product with its distressed leather exterior and book-like spine, so I wanted to highlight that look and partnered with Charleston-based photographer Lizzy Rollins. We worked together on a photo treatment and updated look for this line, using film instead of digital for an overall aesthetic that lent itself well to the product line. With that, we also identified a few of our consumer groups with a focus on the college bohemian, which gave this line a fresh, young approach that highlights what people love about the product line.
Creative Director & Product Design: Jai Jones
​​​​​​​Photographer: Lizzy Rollins
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