When Artifox reached out to me about the potential Twelve South collaboration with the brand, it immediately felt like the perfect opportunity. In addition to creating modern office-focused furniture that is “beautifully simple and highly functional”, the design principles that drive Artifox align well with those of Twelve South. After leading many conversations between their team and collaborating internally with our own sales, product development, marketing, and PR teams, we released a custom colorway of the well-known and loved Artifox desk for Holiday of 2022, as well as 3 curated collections of Twelve South products targeted towards 3 specific consumers.

In addition to being the project lead on this collaboration, I produced, directed, and styled the release photography and video alongside our internal creative team. The goal was to create3 truly unique desks that reflected the daily life and personality of those target consumers, in a space that complemented the desk while highlighting the materials and how those all come together to create our vision of the perfect desk that aligns with the Twelve South product line.
Creative Director, Producer and Prop Design: Jai Jones
Art Director: Kris Gregorie
Photographer: Cody Deer​​​​​​​
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