As with most products created by Twelve South, AirFly is a focused solution to a problem that we faced internally, and noticed with people around us, during travel. Most commercial flights have a plethora of entertainment options for in-flight, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to your favorite TV series and more. But the experience was often hampered by the lower-quality headphones that are given out before you take off. With the popularity of Apple AirPods and premium headphones from brands including Bose and Sony, we wanted that premium listening experience from the headphones that were likely stowed in our suitcases for in-flight entertainment.

This desire sparked the development of one of the top travel accessories of the past few years, AirFly. As my career progressed, I was able to lead product development and creative on the original product, and creative, marketing, and public relations efforts on the expansion of the product years later with AirFly Pro and Duo. This was truly a product built through storytelling, and I was fortunate enough to bring on the team at Igor + Valentine to create an animated film introducing the product in a fun, yet easy-to-understand way.

Creative Director, ProducerĀ and Prop Design: Jai Jones
Art Director: Kris Gregorie
Photographer: Cody Deer
Animation: Igor + Valentine
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